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General Purpose Vision Tools
OVK Framework Vision Library Introduction
OVK Framework Vision Library Introduction 產品特點
  • Providing high-performance vision algorithm which is independently developed by AISYS, supporting OVK Framework powerful ability to analysis and excellent computing performance. 
  • Support multi-core processor and MMX/SSE.
  • Support Dynamic Multicore Distribution Technology (DMD) advanced software techniques and support multi-core processor and MMX/SSE.
  • OVK Framework is compatible with the most recent versions of MS-WINDOWS operating systems, including  WINDOWS 7(32-Bits、64-Bits)、Windows 8.x(32-Bits、64-Bits)、Windows 10、Windows 11.
  • Support three platform modules, including  .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 / .NET Framework 4.0 / .NET Framework 4.5 completely.
  • Support all popular development tools on WINDOWS platform, including: Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, Borland C++ Builder, Borland DELPHI, and Visual Studio .NET, etc.
  • Complete OVK Framework Document (English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese). 
  • AISYS developer support real time services and Web site are provided by the technical and service team in Taiwan.
  • Support MMX/ SSE to achieve high computing performance. 

★ user can enable or disable MMX/ SSE in anytime

  • Support Dynamic Multicore Distribution Technology (DMD)  and MMX/ SSE advanced software techniques, and OVK Framework still have excellent computing performance even if in complex inspection system by those technology. 

★ DMD supports detecting number of core processors in real time. In minimum overhead, DMD is able to dynamic allocate the data which user want to calculate to all core processors. For every core processors, it will be used averagely and effectively. Base on original high performance vision algorithm, DMD will increase computing performance in n times ( n is decided by number of core processors). 

★Every resources of productivity computing can be used effectively by DMD technology, it brings powerful computing efficiency into full pay for modern CPUs.

★ User can enable or disable DMD in anytime.

  • Support completely OVK Framework document (English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese): including software document , component's big picture, knowledge base for OVK Framework components (All components had one knowledge document at last (about one hundred documents), user could download those documents to read.) and one book, Machine Vision System Application, which talk about machine vision for application.

To introduction nine modules simply (All of those modules have plenteous functionality, user can reference products manual by linker or connect our sales to get more information):

  • OvkBase Module:support all kinds of ROI's components (rectangular  ROI, Circle ROI,, Polygon ROI,and Blob ROI...etc) and Image components to save and manage image data. User can analysis a region of interest which selected by ROI component to avoid noise and it will increase analysis rate and  precision. OvkBase module also provides share memory functionality . User can quickly transmit or share information in one or more programs (AxShareMemoryServer for transmit and AxShareMemoryClient for share).

Polygon ROI(Region of Interest)

Cross-Process Image Server

  • OvkImage module: Support image analysis functionality, include: image histogram analysis, morphological analysis, image ring warper, binarizer, Image copier and image statistics...etc.  When  camera can not  got a quality image (less noise) even if configuring hardware system, in this time, user can use OvkImage module to enhancement (or sharpening) feature and remove noise.




Warping and Gamma Correction

AxImageSewer component provides specifically capability of sewing images which based on calibration for given images which get form multi-camera. After sewing image, user can get coordinate system which is adopted by calibration coordinate, this coordinate system could be mechanical coordinate system or calibration coordinate system.  


6 Images Sewing: Only Perspective Distortion Corrected

3 Images Sewing: Both Perspective and Radial Distortion Corrected

  • OvkColor module: Support all kinds of color separator and analysis functionality. For each pixel, in gray-level image 1Byte(8-bit) is used, and in color image 3 Bytes(24-bit) are used. User can convert the greylevel image to color, otherwise color image to greylevel . Or user could get the value of color band which user chose color model by separator component for further analysis. 

RGB Separater

  • OvkBlob Module: support the functionality of blob analysis . OvkBlob module can perform further analysis with each blob (including blob area, center, centroid, position of circumrectangle, etc) and it has one special functionality, BlobROI, user is able to gather some blobs to be the ROI (Those blobs could be separable.). This capability is unique among all ROI components.

Blob Analysis in Polygon Region

Blob and Feature Analysis in Polygon Region

  • OvkMsr Module: support  measurement and calibration of image pixels and physical units and external coordinate systems functionality. User can easily get point , line, circle or angle ...etc information, just set parameters suitably. If user wants to get real dimension of object from image coordinates system, user could use this module to find relationship between image and external coordinates system, and then user will get the real dimension from image coordinates system precisely.

AxPointMsr /AxLineMsr Point/Line measurement component 


AxCircleMsr / AxAngleMsr measurement component 

AxWorldMapper Coordinate Transformation Component

  • OvkCalibration Module: OvkCalibration supports powerful coordinate transformation algorithm which helps users to calibrate image and world coordinate easily and precisely. Also, even if  it had distortion which caused by  tilt and skewed camera orientation、wide-angle lens, it can be easily corrected by OvkCalibration. Note! The license of OvkCalibration module is authorized by OvkMsr. Note!OvkCalibration module license belong to OvkImage module.

Image Distortion Correction

  • OvkPat module: Support the functionality of image template matching. After learning template image and setting parameters suitably, AxMatch could  find the position of a template image in a target image. Belong to OvkPat Module AxVisionInspectionFrame component provides orientation for measurement or ROI components  frames. Choosing a standard reference point and standard reference angle in object, and all of the points in vision will rotate θ degrees when the object had rotated. AxVisionInspectionFrame could  find the coordinate of  frame sits after rotating. And AxVisionInspectionFrame  will set the frames  to the right site in precisely.

Pattern Matching

Auto-Positioning Vision Frame

  • OvkMarkInsp Module: Mark inspection tool kit for recognize characters or symbols by printing. OvkMarkInsp module can recognizes character through teach mode to learn character by yourself in difference case.


Optical Character Recognition

  • OvkIO module:  OvkIO module:  provides a short-cut for quickly developing I/O control and Network communication programs. AxComm provides RS-232 communication programs, AxTcpServr/AxTcpClient provided Network communication programs. Otherwise, OVK Framework also provides Industrial Standard Communications Protocol, Modbus(Master/Slave), users are able to communications to other equipment from Modbus.

 Modbus Master / Slave

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