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How to assemble the camera to reduce the occurrence of electromagnetic interference

    Electromagnetic interference is an energy. This energy seeks a suitable discharge conduit by itself, which is usually any relatively low potential and forms a circuit loop. If this low potential position is a sensitive signal potential position, when a large amount of energy enters, it may cause the product to work unstable (signal instability) or even destroy (IC failure). 

Common sources of interference on industrial machines

  • Servo motor (including related power wires)
  • Laser (including related power wires)
  • Mechanical relay
  • Terminals that are instantly combined during operation
  • Other devices that generate instantaneous high voltage (KV)

Common interference on industrial camera

  • The camera has been assembled, but the device administrator has not discovered the device.
  • Unable to connect to the camera
  • After the camera is connected, the image cannot be captured normally, or the image capture is paused
  • The image obtained by the camera is divided horizontally/vertically
  • The camera is disconnected from time to time when using the camera

Standard and stable AISYS industrial camera accessories set

  • AISYS industrial camera (ALTAIR/CYCLOPS series camera)
  • USB-CABLE for AISYS camera
  • USB HOST expansion interface recommended by AISYS (PCIE interface, industrial anti-jamming design layout)
  • industrial computer or commercial computer that has passed CE/FCC and other electromagnetic interference test safety regulations

AISYS Industrial Camera Assembly Precautions

1. The ground wire of the office/factory is indeed in accordance with the "standard grounding construction specification", not the virtual ground.

2. The industrial machine and computer equipment has indeed been well connected with the ground wire.

3. The high-frequency and high-source equipment (interference source) on the industrial machine is installed according to the recommended installation method of the product.

4. The ground wire of the camera<–>computer equipment<–>industrial machine should not form a loop to cause inductance effect, and the “camera<–>computer equipment” should be turned on first, and the “camera<–>industrial machine” takes the second place.

5. The USB Cable should be separated from the interference source on the machine. It is forbidden to tie each other. For the distance, please refer to the installation instructions of the interference source equipment.

6. If the USB Cable needs to be flexed frequently, it must be made of flex-resistant cable, and do not tie it tightly when placed in a drag chain.

7. Whether the USB Cable is indeed locked with the camera, and whether it is easy to shake and loosen when docking with the female header.

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